January 18, 2022
Why should you backup your data!?
Adrian Pratap
Have you heard of the saying ‘don’t put all your eggs into one basket?’ often it is accompanied by examples about why you should invest in multiple things and not… put all your eggs in one basket! Today we are discussing why you should backup your data, and how to keep your data safe by sharing a 3 simple step strategy to protect your data!

Imagine you’re working on a project, have completed it, are ready to submit it then BOOM the computer crashes and you lose all your files.  Or you’re about to buy something online and you click a bad link and suddenly BOOM a hacker has access to your computer.  Both experiences suck but if you haven’t backed up your data then it’s going to suck badly.

It’s important to be prepared for the unlikely event in your personal and professional life by having your data backed up.  To help you we have a simple 3 step strategy using external and cloud-based backups.

3 Simple Steps

  • Step 1
    Have a physical external hard drive connected to your computer that you store backups on daily.
  • Step 2
    Have a physical external hard drive at home locked in a secure location.
  • Step 3
    Have a cloud you can access and backup to when travelling.  Now cloud backups can be a bit expensive so an external hard drive is a good alternative if you don’t mind carrying it with you.

If you implement these three steps then in the event where your data is deleted, corrupted or stolen you will be able to handle it with grace and poise.  Safe in the knowledge that you’re covered by a comprehensive backup!

To figure out how often you should back up your data a good thought exercise it to ask yourself the question, If I lost all my data for the day/week/month/year what is it worth to you? We recommend daily backups especially for businesses and if you’re studying.

To find out more about backing up your data contact us through our website DakTech