Our Managed Services

Managed IT services refer to outsourcing your information technology tasks to a third-party company, known as a managed service provider (MSP). The MSP assumes responsibility for the ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and management of your IT infrastructure.

DakTech has a range of Managed Service Plans available, so you can find the plan that best fits your business. A DakTech managed services plan is a cost-effective way for your business to ensure the smooth operation and security of your IT infrastructure.

Just a few benefits of a DakTech managed service plan. 

      • Tasks handled by a third-party team: Instead of having your own IT staff manage everything in-house, you can offload these tasks to DakTech. You gain access to a whole team of IT professionals who can handle any challenge.
      • Proactive approach: DakTech goes beyond just fixing problems when they arise. We actively monitor your systems to identify and prevent issues before they disrupt your business.
      • Focus on core business: By outsourcing IT, your business can free up your internal resources to focus on your core activities.
      • Flat monthly fee: DakTech anaged services are offered at a predictable monthly cost, which can help with your budgeting.